Project Description

Design for Life is a Dutch – German – Romanian company that produces unique furniture, especially chairs and tables. We approach the manufacturing of our furniture from an ecological, natural and progressive way of thinking. We are also very much into new design without forgetting the good things from the ‘old’ standards – we love virtue and beautiful things.

Our special line is ‘Oakwood Design’. We fabricate our chairs and tables from ‘used wood’, thereby giving it a new existence and spare the environment at the same time. Using ‘old wood’ gives a very special atmosphere to the furniture and to its direct surroundings. Modern and well-aged at the same time. You have to experience it.




Uzinei Street nr. 6-8, 440216, Satu Mare, ROMANIA


+40 261 839664; +40 730 018 170


+40 261 839665

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