Project Description

It all started in 2011, when KA&MA TRADING was born from a simple idea: Give the domestic market access to indoor and outdoor cushions that until then were only available to the European Market. We put our minds together and hit the road running! Two people with different backgrounds and personalities –  one an engineer the other an economist;  one with more experience one with a little bit less, but both equally hopeful and enthusiastic! From the start the market has welcomed us with open arms however, we felt  there was something we were missing. And that’s when it came to us! Let’s develop a line of products that are less seasonal and do not depend on the weather conditions or any other elements out of our control.  And that was the moment our brand of mattresses, toppers, pillows and duvets was born!

Best Sleep brings together the love for comfort and the care for details, it’s a dream come true!

Having the best raw materials and using the best technology to deliver our products is always at top of mind.

We are convinced we have something for everyone and confident that each one of our customers will find a product in our Best Sleep range to help they get a magical sleep!


KA&MA Trading SRL


Riga Street, No.4, Mosnita Nouă, Timiș County, ROMANIA


+40 0256 709029

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