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Laitza Nord

Laitza was born from the tradition of working with solid wood, and everything we do is driven by a tremendous passion for creating excellence in all our products and projects. We partner with leading design studios across the globe in order to bring meaningful and relevant experiences, flavoured by unique contemporary design. The products manufactured by laitza, elevate and enhance the residential or commercial spaces in which they are placed, thru their design, quality and character.

The strength of the company lies in our people and our vision, driven by a unique executive board of directors, with various backgrounds, from finance, it, industrial design, and industrial manufacturing. This mix, allows the company to be agile, while tackling the design process from a holistic point of view.




19 Constantin Dobrogeanu Gherea, Câmpulung Moldovenesc, 725100 Suceava ROMANIA


+ 40 754 043 072


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