Project Description


We are URBAN WOODS and our workshop is located in the heart of Transylvania, Romania. We produce dining and coffee tables made of hardwood.

Our products are made exclusively out of salvaged wood. We decided to salvage old trees that come bundled with many defects which would normally be rejected by other manufacturers of solid wood furniture. In order to preserve the natural beauty of the wood we chose to emphasize these defects and even amplify them in our products. Therefore nodes or simple imperfections of the wood filled with transparent epoxy resin are an ubiquitous element in the products we create.

The production process is a long and difficult one. Once the trees are salvaged and brought into the workshop, the wood is cut and allowed to dry for up to three years before being processed and turned into dining or coffee tables.

We handle each process from standing trees to the finished product being delivered to your home.




FN Simion Prodan Probu Str., Magina 515207, Alba County, ROMANIA


+40 751 286326; +40 748 905 157

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