Project Description


WOODGRAD is a romanian producer  for wooden furniture, currently delivering both in the intra-community space and on the internal market.

For the external market, several product lines are highlighted, such as:

  • outdoor garden products, made from softwood, impregnated or painted with water-based paints: picnic sets in different sizes and shapes (rectangular, round, square, triangle etc.), garden benches, flower pots, sand boxes, flower pergolas etc. ;
  • indoor products: massive solid oak furniture for living and dining areas, oiled in various colors, such as: tables, sideboards,TV – commodes, sidetables, coatracks, etc. On customer request, can be executed brushed, combined with black metal structure or stainless steel. Also, we are producing semi-massive furniture, painted, for living and bedrooms: beds, wardrobes, commodes, nightstands, sidetables, big cabinets with doors and drawers, bookcases, coffee tables – the whole range.
  • Solid oak panels: are part of the ’’do it yourself’’ (DIY) product area, executed in a large variety of sizes and thicknesses.

On the domestic market, approximately 5.500-6.500 pcs wooden fireplaces with electric heater  are produced and delivered annually. We are leaders of the internal market on this type of product, both by the quantity, but also by the quality of the fireplaces.




69 Alexei Tolstoi Street, Bacău, 600293 Bacău County, ROMANIA


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