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HANGarOund is a brand founded in 2001, in Romania.

We started as a familly business and we have created one of the most beautiful, comfortable and original suspended extendable chair, out of necessity. This is the beginning of our journey.

Currently we are a registered trademark and our champion produce, the hammock chair, is registered at EUIPO.

Our clients say we have managed to stop the time for them and their family, day in and day out, through the result of our work. This is the power of a premium, long lasting piece of furniture.

Each product is handmade, with special attention to details, to give our clients the comfort they have long dreamed of.

We address all those who know the value of time, who emphasize the quality of life and want to benefit from premium quality products.

Crafted with passion for comfort, in the heart of Transylvania.

Extendable suspended chairs

Designed to match your style. We offer a wide range of color combinations, from the brightest to pastel shades, which complement each user’s personality.

Made with premium materials.

We put together Carpathian wood, natural cotton fibers and the most precious fabrics, and through skill we managed to create something wonderful, in Romania.

Through skill and  passion for comfort, we have created this extendable suspended chair, guaranteeing that it will become the focal point of your home, terrace or garden.

What does our HANGarOund hammock offer you?

The perfect place for relaxation, reading or rest, to encourage you to take a break from everyday life.

Time becomes your ally and the swing helps you enjoy every moment… You will feel embraced, supported and revered!

Bean bags

Bean bags or floor poufs are the next most popular products after our hammock chairs.

Our customers come back again and again, because we assure them of quality, durability and royal comfort.

An XXL piece of furniture that impresses with its structure, shape and functionality.

This bean bag stands out for its imposing size, the quality of the fabrics used in its construction and its ergonomic shape.

Categories & Products

  • Portable furniture – DIY assembly

  • Rustic style furniture
  • Occasional furniture and single furniture items