Mobila Dalin SRL

Hall 10.1 | Stand F014

Mobila Dalin SRL

Apalinei street 122A, 545300 Reghin, Romania


MobilaDalin is a Romanian furniture company active since 1992. With its large range of high quality products, as a manufacturer of upholstered furniture MobilaDalin is ranked 4th in Romania (Interbiz Study, 2014).


In the last 30 years we developed a vast portfolio of products, catering to clients’ needs in three directions: sofas, chairs and beds; adding accessories and other upholstered items into the mix we delivered products which filled with joy our clients’ homes. Today, MobilaDalin sells its products in approximately 150 stores in Romania, Hungary and Republic of Moldova and we think that 100.000 families enjoy the comfort offered by our upholstered furniture. We thank them for trusting us!

A family business

We are a family of engineers, specialized in wood industry, furniture and textile industry. Our technical profile and a mind bent on innovation brought about the development of a healthy family business, now at the second generation. We built a furniture factory from the ground up, a brand recognized through quality, innovation and design, both nationally and internationally.

Design, technical innovation and quality

While conceiving and building a piece of furniture, we are interested both in comfort and product durability as well as its overall appearance and ability to provide visual comfort for a long time. Attention to details and a careful selection of materials (qualitatively and aesthetically) represent the guarantee for our success.

Offering a variety of materials, textures and colors, our products promote creativity and customization of interior spaces based upon the personality and our client’s wishes.

The design of our products is a constant challenge. We work with professionals, to develop colllections inspired by Romanian traditional furniture, as a way of bringing forth aesthetic and cultural values from different regions but, at the same time, we follow the global trends, which find their way in our yearly collections, both in color and style.

How we work

Ever since the opening of the factory, we chose to take part in financially supporting, educating and providing employment opportunities for underprivileged youth. Currently, out of the 300 workers at  MobilaDalin, around 10% are young people from the local community, underprivileged or disabled, talented people, eager to work and support their families. We are proud to integrate them into our team, by means of activities adjacent to production.


Development of  a company relies heavily on people, technology and an efficient workflow. Over time, we gradually developed and improved every component and part of our work. We have a team of professionals working on every detail, from analyzing consumer needs and design of new products, to supplies, production, sales and services.

Today, MobilaDalin sells its products in approximately 150 stores in Romania, Hungary and Republic of Moldova. Through our partners, we also engage in projects in other countries of the European Union.

Categories & Products

  • Single sofas
  • Function sofas
  • Stools
  • Divans
  • Easy chairs and rocking chairs
  • Armchairs
  • Upholstered suites
  • Upholstered landscapes, seating elements